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Cowboy Coffee was born as an homage to the old west. It combined our love for full-bodied coffee and the outdoors.


Before roasting coffee, we were wannabe ranchers. We ended up running a cow-calf operation in the wild BC interior.


Good coffee was hard to come by in those parts, so it wasn’t long before we started sourcing and roasting our own beans. Friends and neighbors from miles around would drop by for a great cup of coffee and catch up on the local news.

We started selling coffee to cafes and outposts and pretty soon we had a growing concern. Meanwhile, back at the ranch things were going gangbusters and we didn’t have the time to tend to the cows, mend the fences and make hay when the sun shone.






As a result of Cowboy Coffee taking off, we decided to pass the ranch on to the next generation of wishful cowboys and we hung up our spurs for good. We traded them in for a storefront and a roastery called Bean Around the World where to this day we proudly source, roast and retail some of the worlds finest coffees.


We stay true to our humble beginnings sitting around that campfire holding a fresh brewed cup of Cowboy Coffee.


Yeeee Hawww

The Transition to Bean

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